Cendol + Agar-agar? Absolute flavor!

I’ve always wanted to try making my own agar-agar but I couldn’t find the right flavor to fuse with it. It’s always either rose or pandan flavor and it’s too…common. SO! I stumbled upon a Cendol agar agar recipe online. Btw to you cats who don’t know what Cendol is, you suck. Cendol is a kickass street food dessert and its base flavors are coconut and palm sugar. And of course those funky cendol strips.

Very basic flavors but damnnnnnn, it smells and tastes gooooood. Just what I needed for my agar-agar.  So I tweaked the recipe a bit and here’s the result;

overview(2 strips – The coconut & palm sugar. A whole bite equates to cendol!)

s’all goood.

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2 comments so far

  1. to boss on

    nak cuba!!!

    • thedude on

      w00t w00t. Gonna make it again!

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