I want Islam to reform me


(Hamza Pérez. Muslim Puerto Rican-American Rapper. Cool graffiti art at the back btw.)

I stumbled upon this amazing documentary last night, it’s about a Puerto Rican-American rapper, Hamza Pérez who pulled himself out of drug dealing and street life 12 years ago and became a Muslim. And his whole life took a change of direction. Alhamdullilah.

I urge all of you nice readers of this humble blog to watch this documentary’s trailer, New Muslim Cool and if you’re from the USA, you may watch it in full here.

It made me think for awhile. I’m honestly amazed by how some people who embraced Islam to sincerely hold on to its fundamentals and practice it without a question. Even a simple thing like wearing a hijab. Where else some of us who are born Muslims are more reluctant of it. I’m unsure of what the reasons are but however, on my long observations I could see that Pop/Sub Culture being one of the reasons.

We read magazines, watch television shows and it shows people living the flamboyant and sometimes even promiscuous lifestyle. MashaAllah. And we got too influenced thus these negative traits became ideals and it’s embedded inside of us without us knowing.

Is that wrong? Getting influenced by Popular cultures? On most parts of it, yes because most of it are against the fundamentals of Islam. My only logic to being a Muslim is this; do you believe in the Allah s.w.t and the message Prophet Muhammad s.a.w brings? If yes, then by all means you should practice the knowledge of Islam that is showered on to you. If you don’t practice it, mashaAllah it’s basically saying that you don’t believe!

It brings new terms such as being a ‘secular muslim’. I can’t see what’s fundamentally right about it. This reminds me of a quote I read, unfortunately I forgot its source, “I don’t want to reform Islam, I want Islam to reform me”. Remember that Islam is a complete and beautiful religion.

The documentary shows that its possible to moderately be part of a subculture movement but still hold strongly to Islam. To that extend, Brother Hamza Pérez is a good example, being a rapper and a muslim.

Let’s take a moment a reflect back to our lives.

May Allah bless us all.

s’all goood

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