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Peace! Unity! Love! Let’s have some fun!

DJ Deckstream ft Mos Def – Life is Good

I’ve always been a fan of DJ Deckstream since a good friend of mine introduced me to him. He’s always on point with the dope samples and the smooth boom bap elements. This track is one of my favorites of his release, Deckstream.  Featuring Mos Def, you know what it’s all about, banging beats, deep lyric and just plain good music. This song has a refreshing uplifting feel to it, givvit a listen!

MashaAllah! Life is goood.

s’all gooood

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Comfort in childhood memories

My childhood is filled with fun and long family road trips. We’re in Singapore so naturally any adventurous road trips will involved crossing the causeway into Johor, Malaysia. The long two lane snake roads that seems to stretched forever covered by the thick oil palm plantations. It’s quite a beautiful scene. In the car, my Dad will always have Ron Goodwin’s ‘Music for an Arabian Night’ CD on the stereo and the music really sets you down into a, what I call, cool blue mood.  It’s like wearing polarized shades on a sunny day, you feel like you’re in a totally different reality.  A calmer one.

Anyway here’s one of my favorite tune from the CD;

This is the song I absolutely adore. As some of you Singaporeans might have already realized, yes, this is the song that is usually played after Warna 94.2 Mahgrib Azan.

I’m very happy that I managed to find this old CD.   Whenever I’m not feeling at my best, this song certainly provides a uplifting feel. Alhamdullilah for providing me with such beautiful memories for me to seek comfort in.

s’all goood.

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Singin to dancing glasses

Beautiful song for the evenings. Nothing too complicated, just a simple tune and heartfelt words guiding you through. At some points it drives you high, then it gets low.  Kind of like what most of our days are like right?

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